Friday, April 1, 2011

Exploring E.A.T. Danao Bohol: The Plunge and Suislide experience

Are you ready for summer? The time to enjoy and have fun under the sun is here.  I'm sure everyone is planning going to different places and experience new things.  If you're out for adventure here's something you'll find interesting.  Try the Plunge ride from Danao, Bohol.  If you're loving extreme adventure this summer? This is the place to be at E.A.T. Danao located 72 kilometers away from Tagbilarn, Bohol, the capital city of Bohol.
travel Bohol
Lite Shipping Cebu-Bohol Tubigon | Taking time to relax
E.A.T. Danao stands for "E" Ecological, educational and extreme, "A" for Adventure and "T" for tour. To get there, I would suggest you guys take a trip to Tubigon, Bohol to avoid a long day travel to get to Danao.  From Tubigon, you only have to travel about an hour to Danao.  Manilyn and I, together with friends took a 7am Lite Shipping boat trip (P 210), that took us 2 hours to get to Tubigon.  We needed the extra hour to take a nap.  If you want to get there fast? you can take the fast craft (P 200).

We arrived around 10am in Tubigon, Bohol and went straight to Danao. We rented a van that cost P 3000 to get us to E.A.T Danao that included a trip to some of Bohol's famous landmarks.  To bad it was raining that day, yet, that didn't stop us.  Rain or shine, we have to get that extreme experience.

Passing by the Chocolate Hills of Bohol
Passing by the towns of Clarin and Sagbayan we enjoyed viewing Chocolate Hills in getting to Danao. It was almost 12 noon when we arrived.  The place was outstanding, with cool breeze of air and great views of nature.  Just the right place to have a fun free and exciting summer vacation.  To get started, here's a simple price list:
  Parking Fee
  Motorcycle:  5.00
  4-wheelers:  10.00
  6-wheelers and above:  20.00
  Parking Entrance:  25.00
  Plunge:  700.00
  Sky-ride (min 4pax):  250.00
  Suislide:  350.00
  Caving (min 5pax):  350.00
  15m rappel with
  Root Climb (min 5 pax):  400.00
  60m rappel (min 5 pax):  600.00
  Kayaking/ River Tube:  200.00
  River trekking (min 5 pax):  200.00
  Boulder/ Rock Climb:  200.00
  Village Tour (min 5 pax):  200.00
  Wall Climbing :  100.00
Suislide - E.A.T. Danao
Suislide - a two way zip to cross the other hill about 260 meters,
going back  measures 240 meters.
Picture taken 400 feet above the ground while taking a slide.
The price is a bit high, yet its worth the pay.  If you want to have 10% discount on all rides, you need to get there by Private transportation.  For the record, Danao is a bit far from the other tourist spots in Bohol, some drivers find it tiring and time consuming to get there.  So this is what the management did, public commuters has to pay the exact price for every ride and 10% of that pay goes to the driver.  A good marketing strategy to keep public vehicle drivers from coming.
E.A.T. Danao | The Plunge
The Plunge "You're not paying for the ride, You're paying for the experience"
Too bad we didn't get the chance to try all the rides.  We ran out of time and we still have to hurry up to view more of Bohol and most of all, we needed to save more of our money for our next plans.  But it was still fun ride despite getting wet with rain.  The Plunge experience was the great.  You must try it!  Feel the thrill and excitement.  Its like falling down from Danao's cliff, free falling, you'll feel it for the first 4 seconds, and once you glide to the air, you'll feel the relief.  Its a stress relieving experience, you get to shout your lungs out.  After the ride, you'll be given a Certificate as an award to yourself.
E.A.T. Danao | The Plunge
My turn to Plunge
When trying the Plunge, you'll be given two position options: the Head First position(falling with your head first) and the Sitting Position.  We weren't that extreme to try the head first position, but if I ever get the chance to try it again, that would be my next goal.
 I'm 400 feet above the ground | Sitting Position
The Plunge Certificate
The Plunge Certificate
It was cloudy and rainy that day, you have to watch your step cause its a bit slippery.  On your turn to plunge, you'll get instructions from the staff for you to follow.  Once your on position wait for the count, "uno, dos, tress, Bombs Awaaaaayyyy!" and off you go. Watch videos below:
Suislide|E.A.T. Danao
Manilyn and Stephanie getting ready to slide
Trying the Suislide was also fun.  You can slide by doubles or just by yourself.  With your body facing down, you'll see how high you are from ground.  You can also take pictures while sliding, don't worry your camera wont fall, its locked tight to the harness.  At the end point, get ready to smile for pictures will be taken as a souvenir, each photo cost's  P 50.
Suislide | E.A.T. Bohol
Sample Picture from Suislide
The first slide going to the other hill, is about 260 meters far, then another slide will follow at the other station about 240 meters far going back.
The Suislide Experience
The Suislide Experience
And this is how I started my summer, just the perfect catch.  Now that is officially summer, do you have plans already ? Try something new for a change.  Something you've been wanting to do that would be worth a keep.


  1. wow. nag BOHOL jud ka... pa.CAGAYAN nya tah dan. suway tah ug river rafting didto...

  2. JOHN: mao jud na among plano next.. cge john! nice nah.. I'm in.. sa CDO FTW!. naa napud d.i ang DAVAO rafting john and Wake Boarding.. COOL!! :)

  3. dle ko mag wake boarding kay maitom ko... gosh! unsaon nalang aq mga sabon anee... hahahaha

  4. ang chicks lay akoa diri dan..haha!!

  5. modaut na jud ka anang wake boarding dan...hehehe!

  6. Asay chicks dha? LOL

  7. dan,nice kau imong gihimo nga blog..hehehe!! nalingaw ko ug binasa.. :-) -chu

  8. Thanks Chu.. :) next time. :)

  9. asa mo nag rent ug van?

  10. Thanks for the comment, once mo abot mo dd2 sa Pier sa Tubigon, naa nay mga barker's dd2.. naa ra sa gawas na cla... makita rana nnyo cla, mag cge og shagit "tour for bohol or renta van or multicab!" :)

  11. promote this for tourists who might be in the Philippines and looking to do something fun and different, to enjoy a wild filipino adventure...and maybe add some activities and food places nearby. do they have any vegan food in the area? hotels? motels?


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